"Sterling is a highly motivated self-starter who constantly takes initiative with minimal guidance. He is able to find solutions to problems using his creativity and his vast experience in film, television and web video content production. He also thrives in projects that involve adjusting to changing priorities because he has the capacity to remain flexible and use his skills and resourcefulness to meet changing conditions.  I would gladly collaborate with him again and I recommend that you give him a chance to show you what he is capable of.

You won't regret it.

Philippe Collard
Chef, programmation et présence en ligne at National Film Board of Canada

RE: Honeywell - 'First Responder Products Video'

"To Sterling Agres, Almost a week has passed since we released our much anticipated video. I am very pleased to tell you that the response has been very positive from our customer base and from all levels of our organization.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your crew for your incredible work on this project. You were able to capture the essence of our message and convey it in a powerful way. The quality of your work, your dedication and commitment to the project was beyond.

As well, I want to recognize you for your exceptional scriptwriting talent. You are truly a professional to work with. I very much appreciated how you immersed yourself into this project by understanding our company, our challenges and the intricacies of our target audience.

I am happy to have selected Goliath2Studios for the production of our video and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you,

Catalina Ciobanu
Global Marketing & Communications Leader
Honeywell First Responder Products
Dayton, OHIO, USA

- - - -

RE: Bank of Montreal Production

" Thanks for being so fantastic and helpful!! I am so glad we found you on the internet. 

Aquin Aquin Mathew - Corporate Communications
- Reveleus Corp.

- - - -
RE: TV Commercial for the N.C.C.

"Sterling - It's beautiful. I loved it. You should be very, very proud.  Very warm regards.

Tarah Swartz, CTV NEWS 
RE: CNN - 'Old Montreal Special'

"I've taken a look at all (of) the video and it's beautiful!. Thanks very much for putting so much creative effort into the project!


Alison Hashimoto
Managing Editor
CNN/Turner Private Networks, Inc.
Atlanta, USA

- - - -
Bonjour Mr. Agres (Goliath2),

"Nous tenons à te remercier de l'excellent travail que tu as fait lors des tournages aux Casino de Montréal et Casino du Lac-Leamy dans le cadre de l'émission Great Taste qui sera diffusée prochainement aux États-Unis.

Espérant avoir le plaisir de travailler à nouveau avec toi et ton équipe.

Sylvie Commoy,
Coordonnatrice publicité et promotion
Société des casinos du Québec / Loto-Québe

- - - -
RE: Product Commercial / FACEiT

Goliath2 Studios :

"Thank you so very much for making our product
come alive, all through You and Your team 's
creative development  and artistic vision. 

All timelines were met and they went
that extra mile to add their magic touch to the
realization of this video.

Congratulations on your well deserved award!

- - - -
RE: Product Commercial / Kwik-Kloset

" I got it & it looks great. Most importantly you got the side of the truck just at the right speed. The actor executed pretty perfectly as well. 

Justin Sloggatt, Producer Six14 Productions

- - - -

RE: Pilates with Props - Retail DVD Set

" It's PERFECT! I love it so much!...

...You did such a beautiful job, I am so pleased
and will be very proud to sell them, and sell they will! 

Thanks so much for all your hard work and giving
me the beautiful finished DVD product that you have.

Colleen Jorgensen C.A.T. (c), DO,

​- - - -
RE: Canadian Payroll Association]


"Thank you for making things so easy. Looking forward to working with you and your team again. 

Wendy McLean-Cobban
Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications
The Canadian Payroll Associati

- - - -
Client comments received by Goliath2 Studios.


RE: Promotional Video / Lambda Arts

" I like it very much, and it is certainly a work of inspiration and great care, reflecting your love for the arts.

I appreciate your work and efforts in helping to portray Lambda in the best light possible 

Dr. Angela Chan
Ph.D., M.A., LTCL
Director, Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts

- - - -


RE: Protect Corporate Video

" I just wanted to mention that we are very pleased with the final on our video.

You have created something that truly represents the pride with which our company serves our international clientele. We look forward to showing it off around the globe shortly. I am sure we will be working together in the future. "

Grace Biondi, Protech Ltd.

- - - -

Copyright © 2003 - 2017 GOLIATH2 STUDIOS - All Rights Reserved.

RE: "Designing Spaces" - TLC

Hi Guys,

" Everything looks fine! Thanks for your hard work - 

All best, J. C. Summerford / Producer -
"Designing Spaces" - TLC Network

- - - -

RE: Pfizer Inc.

" I just looked at the tape. Nice Job! Just what I was looking for... Nice lighting and clean audio.

Thanks again you made life easy for me on this one. 

Geoff Nosal,
Pfizer Inc.

- - - -


" I just looked at the footage and it is very nice.
Great Job!! And your check is ready to go!

Andrew Filippone Jr.
President - Telling Story, Inc.
New York, New York

- - - -
- - - -

RE: Bombardier Aerospace / Communications

" What great work you have done for us!
I belive this is the begining of a beatuful realtionship.

Glad we went with a real professional this time.

Michel Fortin,
Communications Specialist
Bombardier Aerospace

- - - -
RE: Corporate Video / Crites & Riddell Basics

"To Sterling Agres and Goliath2 Studios,

Working with you was fantastic! You took ownership, suggested what should be done, and got it done! The quality of your team as well as the final video are impeccable! We recently showed our video at one of our corporate events, and it was the show stopper!! We look forward to working with you again in the near future! Thank you once again for your hard work!


Vincent Hayes, Business Development Director
Crites & Riddell Basics

- - - -
Authentic Entertainment - TLC 

"Thank you for you and your crews very hard work, I appreciate it.

I would like to keep you guys in mind for future productions, particularly in Canada.

Best, RT Rachel Tung Co-Executive Producer
TLC Network
Authentic Entertainment - Los Angeles, CA.

- - - -
RE: Ogilvy - 'Common Health Video'

[Goliath2 Studios]

"Your team really did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. I hope to have an opportunity to get back to Montreal and even work together again.

Thank you,

Adam Portnoy
Director, Digital Video & Animation
New Jersey, USA

- - - -
To Goliath2 Production Studio    

" This letter is to express the satisfaction that we received at Oceania for the production work that Sterling did for us at Goliath2.

The work performed was original in concept and filming with a very polished and professional finished product.

I will not hesitate to recommend Sterling Agres to anyone as a Director that will use ingenuity to meet their needs and to absolutely go above and beyond in delivering a finished product. 

Best regards,
Kip McFarland
National Sales and Marketing Manager,
U.S.A. Oceania Baths Inc.

- - - -
RE: Humber College - TV Spot

" Thanks for making the shoot for the TV segment a fun & successful experience for us. Your patience, & Derrek's, were much appreciated.

Regards, Deb Bourk Associate Director, Communications Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

- - - -
RE: CBC - 'Bailey Blu'

"Very impressive.

I think it will be effective in driving increased business.


Mike Darley
Senior National Manager
for Advertising Standards
CBC/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Toronto, Canada

- - - -
RE: Television Production

" Thanks again, you guys are the best!! "

Regards, Tiffany Davidson,
Platinum USA

- - - -
RE: Shakira Interview Mtl. / TLN - Sony

" Just a quick note to say... Great job!! 

Thank you and Cheers,
Oscar Rangel, TLN Television

- - - -
RE: Television Production


" I watched the footage. You are brilliant. I love the way that you pull the passion out of the talent! 

Dawn Dubriel, Production Coordinator
Platinum USA.

- - - -
RE: Interview Segment / PepBoys USA

" I heard back today from the producer who is working with the piece. His message was very complimentary all- around regarding the shoot.

 Thanks again!! R. Adam Lazaroff
Marketing/ Advertising Department
Pep Boys, Many, Moe, and Jack.

- - - -
RE: Honeywell - 'First Responder Products Video'

"Excellent work!!!


Jeff Morris
Honeywell First Responder Products
Chicago, USA

- - - -
RE:Corporate Video / Sonomax

Studios Goliath2 :

"Encore une fois, Goliath Studios se démarque parmi les meilleurs dans la production d'une vidéo de qualité supérieure pour la renaissance de sa ligne de produits de protection auditive. Vous avez travaillé avec diligence et en tant que membre à part entière de notre équipe. Votre créativité est complétée par votre compréhension rapide et approfondie de nos affaires et de nos issues. Vous êtes en mesure de saisir ce que nous essayons transmettre et mettre des mots et des images puissants pour le faire passer de façon précise et intéressante.

Sonomax reconnaît l'importance de produire une garantie exceptionnelle pour ses clients et nous estimons que Goliath Studios comme étant notre premier choix.

Votre approche qui va droit au but et qui sait prendre une situation en main est non seulement utile, mais aussi rassurante. Nous nous réjouissons de travailler avec vous à nouveau très prochainement.

Je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur Sterling, l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs.

Anthony Di Giovanni
Vice- président, Ventes et marketing
Sonomax Technologies Inc. Montréal (Québec)

- - - -
RE: Academy Award winning Director,
Mr. Denys Arcand (DVD Special Features -
"Jesus of Montreal" - UK Rel.)

" I have just viewed them again & they look fantastic, thanks for all your work on it to make it so good...

Once again thank you for your professionalism and creative spark.   Speaking again soon.

Best regards, Alex Agran, 
Arrow Films London - UK

- - - -
Goliath2 Studios logo
RE: CNN - 'Edge of Discovery - Bixi Montreal Special'

"Yes! Everything is fantastic.

Thank you so much for your work as field producer and for working with us on this project in general.


Jeremy Bradley
CNN Special Projects
CNN/Turner Private Networks, Inc.
New York, USA

- - - -
RE: CNN - 'Edge of Discovery - Bixi Montreal Special'

"Yes! Everything is fantastic.

Thank you so much for your work as field producer and for working with us on this project in general.


Jeremy Bradley
CNN Special Projects
CNN/Turner Private Networks, Inc.
New York, USA

- - - -
RE: Product Commercial / Blondo Canada

" You hit the nail on the head...
Very well made and simply loved it! 

Julie Bolduc, Blondo Canada

- - - -